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Welcome to Antiope and Associates Real Estate.

The name Antiope is known for its high quality residential and commercial properties throughout the Northern suburbs of Athens, along with handpicked top notch Villas and properties across Greece, the Greek islands and mainstream European cities.

We offer a wide range of property services such us: residential and commercial property sales and leases, valuations, property management, feasibility and property investment studies, interior design studies, legal and financial advice.

Our companyís competitive advantage is based upon our associatesí impeccable awareness of the market and our absolute professionalism.

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector, we continue to respond to the marketís needs with rapidity, reliability and flexibility to the demand of specialized services.

We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry works. We do business differently to give you the edge.

Our goal is to continuously and effectively fulfill our customersí needs, with our professionals being at your disposal, instantly and constantly every day of the week.
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